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It is extremely important that all stuffed animals which Project Smile distributes are in excellent condition, as they will be given to children who have been involved in highly traumatic incidents. While children have a large quantity of stuffed animals in their home, many may not be appropriate to donate. Please take a few minutes and sort through the stuffed animals. We are only able to accept stuffed animals that are new.

The following are general guidelines to help:

Stuffed Animals

  • We can only accept donations of new stuffed animals.
  • Stuffed animals must be under 20 inches in length.
  • No stuffed animals with the years sewn on them.
  • No stuffed animals with battery compartments.
  • No stuffed animals that make any noises.
  • Build-a-Bears and Webkinz are particularly popular with children! Webkinz do not need the games attached.

Coloring Books & Crayons

  • Coloring books must be unused and not have a religious theme.
  • Crayons must be new.
  • Crayon packets of any size are welcome.

Reading Books

  • Excellent condition reading books for children between 2-12 years old are great.
  • Books can not have any missing pages, rips, loose covers, stains or writing on them.

Small Toys

  • Toys must be in their original package.
  • Puzzles, cars, trucks, dolls and other small toys are welcome.
  • Please no toys that require batteries, use water or make loud noises.

Unsure if your items meet our guidelines? Then click here and donate financially so we can buy the exact items we need for the children we serve.


If there is not a drop off location close to you please contact us directly for more information. Stuffed animal donations are also welcomed by mail to our headquarters. Thank you.

For large donations, please call Project Smile Headquarters first at 508 634 0203 or email us.

Stuffed animals and other donated items can be mailed to our Hopedale location at:

PO Box 336
Hopedale, MA 01747

If you would like to drop off in Hopedale, please email us for our drop-off address.

PROJECT SMILE - P.O. Box 336 - Hopedale, MA 01747 - (508) 634-0203
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